Implementation of new no-kill courses for black-bass

Aug 12, 2021

On these specific courses, the captured black-bass must be released immediately without distinction of size.


The implementation of these no-kill routes aims the protection of black-bass populations . They come in addition the various actions carried out in the department for the development of this species (artificial spawning grounds, temporary reserves, legal catch size at 40 cm and stockings). This species has been present in the department since the early 1950s. The state of the populations has been extremely variable since its inception.

The Departmental Federation in support of AAPPMA wishes to pool as much effort as possible in order to optimize the presence of this species increasingly sought after (especially by young people). Without forgetting the past actions of Black Bass France , Dont Drop the Bass and BASS France Nation and all those to come …

Three young fishermen with black bass

9 courses – 570 ha

The surface area of No-kill black-bass courses in the Landes represents in 2021 – 544 ha

6 new routes for 2021

They complete the first 3 no-kill black-bass courses in the department.

The 9 routes are as follows:

  • port / conche of Parentis – Parentis-Biscarrosse lake – AAPPMA Parentis – 2018
  • Janille lagoon – AAPPMA de Biscarrosse – 2019
  • Lily port – Lac de Parentis-Biscarrosse – AAPPMA de Biscarrosse – 2020
  • Soustons pond – AAPPMA from Soustons – 2021
  • Aureilhan pond – AAPPMA from Mimizan – 2021
  • Moliets pond – AAPPMA by Léon – 2021
  • Laprade pond – AAPPMA by Léon – 2021
  • Solferino pond – AAPPMA from Gabarret – 2021
  • Armanon restraint – AAPPMA from Gabarret – 2021

Species monitoring

Like the zander monitoring implemented in the Landes department for many years, the Fishing Federation launches a technical follow-up of the reproduction of the black-bass :

  • development of an adapted monitoring protocol
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the systems put in place (artificial spawning grounds) and comparison with natural sites
  • improved knowledge of reproductive behavior and its spawning period in the Landes Department

Prefectural decree

The development of these no-kill routes is based on prefectural decrees and are validated by state services. You will necessarily find an area open to sampling, physically marked on site by buoys and / or signs. Their implementation takes effect on January 1, 2021.

Black bass reproduction monitoring

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