Feb 21, 2023

discover this lake for sport fishing

Objective CARP and black-bass

Managed by the AAPPMA Les Pescadous des Lacs, the pond of the Tuilerie is located in Tarnos in the Landes department. It is classified in 2nd fish category.

This water body has an area of 0.8 ha with an average depth of 2 m. It is fenced in as a whole and subject to defined opening periods (days/times).


The options allow you to practice sport fishing on this specific course . All of the money raised by this additional option is dedicated to the restocking and the various improvements of the lake.

This “OPTION ÉTANG de la TUILERIE” is now available to all users of (physical depositories and internet users) in the category OPTION of the Landes department.


The AAPPMA manager, has oriented its management of the site by focusing on the BLACK-BASS and the fishing of the CARPE.

In addition to the facilities, the opening periods and the specific stocking, a particular regulation has been developed for its vocation of SPORTS FISHING:

  • Black-bass – 1 rod only in action – lures and whipped fly only – from January 1st to the last Sunday of January and from June 15th to December 31st
  • Carpodrome – 2 rods maximum in fishing action – landing mat and carp net mandatory – all year round
  • barbless hooks or crushed barb
  • NO-KILL mandatory
  • shore fishing only

fishing hours : legal fishing hours in the Landes

Fishing Rights

Any fisherman wishing to fish on the lake must hold a valid fishing card (from an AAPPMA of the Landes or from an AAPPMA of another department with reciprocal agreements) as well as the OPTION ÉTANG de la TUILERIE:

  • Annual option for a minor (15€)
  • Annual option 12 years old to mins de 18 years old (12€)
  • Annual option -12 years old (7€)

All the sums collected are devoted to restocking and to the various arrangements on the lake.

Instructions for fishermen

  • Release the fish with all the usual precautions, handling them as little as possible in order to maximize their chances of survival .
  • Respect for the natural environment and the facilities around and on the water.
  • Pick up YOUR garbage and USE THE BINS arranged around the body of water.
  • REMAIN COURTEOUS between fishermen
  • Failure to comply with the regulations and/or instructions will result in exclusion from the Tuilerie pond

young fisherman posing with a mirror carp


    • Tuesday: 8am/12pm (only during school vacations)
    • Wednesday: 8am/12pm
    • Saturday: 8am-6pm
    • Sunday : 8am/12pm
    • Every public holiday: 8am/12pm