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Landes river
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development and management of leisure fishing

Directly intended for the practice of fishing and fishermen, these actions are those which refer annually to significant financial and human commitments for our associative structures.

  • Stocking of white fish, predators and trout.
  • Course facilities (launching ramps, secure shelves, parking lots, etc.)
  • Information and communication (signage, publication of brochures, etc.)
Fisherman with a barbel

All of these actions are aimed at our 25,000 members of the Landes region by trying to best respond to their eclectic practices. We also dedicate a lot of time to raising awareness among younger generations as part of environmental education and fishing initiation actions.

management and protection of aquatic environments

This preponderant part of actions of our associative structures is intended for management, maintenance, study or even restoration of aquatic environments. With fish populations as benchmarks and main skills, we work to better understand, protect and manage in line with the needs of fish fauna.

This substantive work is carried out in collaboration with many technical and institutional actors (river unions, local collectives, departmental and regional councils, water agency, natural park, etc.) which constitute real partners in water management.

Management and protection of aquatic environments

Some examples of actions

Establishment of no-kill routes for pike and brown trout

Establishment of no-kill routes for pike and brown trout

No-kill BROCHET On these specific routes, the pike caught must be released immediately regardless of size . These course creations aim to protect pike populations and in particular the Aquitaine pike present on these routes while allowing fishing activity to continue....

Implementation of new no-kill courses for black-bass

Implementation of new no-kill courses for black-bass

On these specific courses, the captured black-bass must be released immediately without distinction of size. Goals The implementation of these no-kill routes aims the protection of black-bass populations . They come in addition the various actions carried out in the...

Capture window for the BROCHET species

Capture window for the BROCHET species

New regulations in 2021 for the legal catch size of pike in the Landes department   Capture window for the BROCHET species Pike less than 60 cm in length and those greater than 80 cm in length must be returned to the water immediately after capture. Can only be...

regulatory oversight and oversight

Our associative structures contribute to the fishing police and surveillance of the fish farm by ensuring the application of regulations: environmental code, prefectural decrees and water on water.

Federal or private fishery guards, ensure prevention but also repression of fishermen and the fight against poaching. In this way, they constitute real water watchers by daily monitoring the various aquatic environments and, for example, signal any pollution or other damage to the environment.


Fishing guard checking two fishermen in float-tube

Some examples of actions

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