Sport fishing at Parc de Peyre

Aug 12, 2021

Discover the sport fishing lake of the PEYRE PARK


BLACK-BASS objective and TROUT tank

Managed by AAPPMA of the Valleys of the Leyre , the water level of the Parc de Peyre is located in Labouheyre in the Landes department. It is classified in 2nd fish category.

This body of water has an area of 9 ha for an average depth of 2 m and a maximum of 3 to 4 m. Resulting from the digging of a sand quarry, it is fed only by the water table. It is composed of 2 parts of water; a large one of 7 ha and a small one of 2 ha, linked together by a channel. A swimming beach has been set up there for the summer period.


The options (annual or seasonal) allow you to practice sport fishing on this specific route. All of the money collected by this additional option is devoted to restocking and to the various arrangements of the water body.

This “PEYRE PARK OPTION” is now available to all users of (physical custodians and internet users) in the category OPTION from the Landes department .



The AAPPMA manager since 2009, has oriented its management of the site by centering it on the biological cycle of BLACK-BASS . She also develops there a Fly Trout Reservoir activity which takes over perfectly from November to March.

In addition to the facilities, the opening periods and the specific stocking, specific regulations have been developed for its vocation of SPORTS FISHING:

  • 1 single rod in fishing action
  • exclusive no-kill
  • casting with lures (hard or soft) OR whip fly fishing (dry, nymph, streamer)
  • barbless hooks or crushed barb
  • natural bait and bait prohibited
  • wadding and float-tube fishing allowed (wearing of the vest compulsory in float-tube)
  • fishing hours: legal fishing hours in the Landes.

2 permanent fishing reserves are present and signposted (entire small body of water and swimming area)


Practice periods

Table of fishing periods in Peyre Park

Access modalities

Any fisherman wishing to practice on the body of water must be the holder of:

  • a valid fishing permit (from an AAPPMA from the Landes or from an AAPPMA from another department with acquired reciprocity agreements)
  • and the PEYRE PARC OPTION available now for all users on (physical custodians and internet users)

The different options

Depending on age or duration, different options are available on (depositories and Internet users) allowing to correspond to the different practitioners:

    • Peyre annual option – 12 years old: € 1
    • Peyre annual option 12 to under 18: € 10
    • Peyre annual option Adult person: 20 €
    • Peyre daily option: € 3
    • Peyre weekly option: € 10 (7 consecutive days)

All the sums collected are devoted to restocking and to the various arrangements on the lake.

Instructions for fishermen

  • Release the fish with all the usual precautions, handling them as little as possible in order to maximize their chances of survival .
  • Respect for the natural environment and the facilities around and on the water.
  • Pick up YOUR garbage and USE THE BINS arranged around the body of water.
  • Vehicles will be parked in the designated parking areas , so as to leave the emergency accesses (barriers) free of any passage.
  • Failure to comply with regulations and / or instructions will result in exclusion from Parc de Peyre.

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