where to fish in the Landes

Big pike caught by fisherman in boat
Pose of a fisherman with a carp
Young coarse fisherman
Landes lake
Rivers in the Landes
River fishermen

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geopeaching, the interactive map for fishermen

Géopêche is an interactive map, accessible to all, from your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, from the bottom of your sofa or your boat, including all the rivers and bodies of water in the department. A fishing map, but so much more, an interactive map including all the information necessary for the practice of recreational fishing.

  • Exhaustive referencing: night carp course, no-kill course, slipways, fishing reserves, access roads, handi-fishing pontoons, custodians and fishing shops, regulations by fishing spot, etc.
  • Full geolocation: to be consulted upstream or directly at the water’s edge for clear and precise limits of reserves, different routes, fish farming categories, etc.

In short, to try it is to adopt it !!!