Dec 18, 2021

Objective of this video

Increase awareness of this species, its monitoring, its promotion and the work carried out to save it in the Landes.

In-depth work

This work carried out on the BROCHET species for more than 20 years by the Landes Departmental Fishing Federation was enriched by the discovery in 2014 of the AQUITAIN BROCHET species (Esox aquitanicus) by the National Museum of Natural History.

Discovery of Aquitaine pike

Gaël DENYS, MNHM researcher who found this species, also intervenes to present the origins of this species. We also present the basis for setting up a No-kill BROCHET course in certain sectors of the department.

With some pride

Landes fishermen are proud to be able to participate in improving knowledge on the distribution of this endemic species and are gradually integrating “careful” management of 100% Aquitaine sectors.

Let’s continue to protect and develop this heritage species.


Special thanks are addressed to the Departmental Federation of Landes Hunters for their actions carried out for decades on the preservation and restoration of wetlands.

Thanks also to our technical partners, who are for this program, the National Museum of Natural History of Paris , the UMS Natural Heritage (MNHN-OFB-CNRS) , the Union of Federations of the Adour Garonne Basin , the Federation of Hunters des Landes , the Landes Departmental Council and the river unions (SMBLV-RMB-PNRLG-SMBVM) ,

Thanks to the financial partners that are the Adour Garonne Water Agency , the New Aquitaine Region , the National Fishing Federation in France or the Landes Departmental Council .

And many thanks for their welcome to the attention of the local fishing associations (AAPPMA) of ONESSE and MIMIZAN with a dedication to the president of MIMIZAN, Christophe HUGUES for his active participation in the filming.

A BFT-MEDIA film directed by Grégory DOLET, edited by Pascal VALERO SANZ and framed by Grégory DOLET / Lilian HARISTOY.

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