ASSESSMENT of the federal day care center and fishing associations in the Landes in mid-August

Aug 27, 2021

Regulatory oversight and control

Federal fishing guards and private guards from local fishing associations (AAPPMA) have carried out numerous tours since the start of the year in parallel with a major campaign to maintain and develop signage (no-kill route black-bass, no-kill pike, temporary and permanent fishing reserves, etc.).

Daycare signs

The figures at the end of August

  • 978 tours completed
  • 9,943 fishermen inspected
  • 169 reminders to the regulations carried out
  • 125 minutes drawn up

The reasons for the reports and reminders of the regulations

  • 66% fishing without card
  • 11% fishing in reserve
  • 8% fishing during the closed period
  • 6% night
  • 2% prohibited method
  • 7% other


Joint operations

It should be noted that since this year, joint operations have been carried out regularly with the services of the gendarmerie, municipal police and the French Biodiversity Office.

Joint tours with the Landes gendarmerie

2 training sessions for private guards

In collaboration with the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea (our supervisory administration), a dozen private guards (volunteers) have been trained and will join the 70 volunteer guards of the Landes and the federal daycare.

Training of private guards

The implementation of this new department-wide daycare policy was launched in early 2020 with the strengthening of the federal daycare, the FD / AAPPMA and inter-AAPPMA pooling, the monitoring of controls and the accentuation of the rounds of night.

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