Establishment of monitoring by logbook of fishermen’s catches: predators and carp

Sep 2, 2021


Cash tracking

With the objective of better understanding the fish populations of the Landes, the Fishing Federation sets up monitoring of catches based on the voluntary participation of fishermen.

From pike to predators

The establishment of the capture window for the pike species at the level of the Landes department, will be accompanied by voluntary monitoring of catches from 2022. This monitoring will also be extended to all other so-called carnivorous species (black bass, pike, perch, pike perch and catfish) in order to observe the impact of our actions (regulations, developments, etc.) on these populations.

the carp species also

With a similar objective to the monitoring of predator catches, the collection of data on the carp species will make it possible to better understand our environments, to see the evolution over time of populations and to evaluate the management implemented.


For fishermen wishing to collaborate in this major follow-up, d paper capture notebooks will be available (sent by the Federation, AAPPMAs, retailers, etc.). U“digital” participation will also be possible via an online application.


Launch date of follow-ups

The notebooks will be available from December 15, 2021 for a monitoring start date set at 1 er January 2022 and running until December 31, 2022.

Measuring a pike for follow-up study

Based on anonymity

The data will be collected and used only for scientific purposes. Fishing time, length of fish caught, date, etc …

A panel of volunteer fishermen will be necessary to cover our large department and the diversity of the Landes hydrographic network. Thank you in advance for your possible participation and involvement. Do not hesitate to contact us now to let us know of your possible interest with your name, first name and email address.

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