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Predator fishing in the Landes

The Landes department has significant and recognized potential in terms of predator fishing. Whether from the shore or as part of on-board fishing, the diversity of the sites allows all types of practice on the few 11,600 ha of water plan and 1,000 km of second category watercourses .

Find the different carnivorous species present in France. Pike, pike perch and perch are widely represented in the various sectors of the Landes department. the black bass is present on the gravel pits bordering the Adour or the Gaves but also on the natural ponds of the coast and some hill lakes in the east. As to catfish it has been present for a long time on the Adour but also on the Biscarrosse-Parentis and Mimizan lakes. Note the occasional catch of catfish on certain hill lakes and ornamental ponds.

the good fishing spots

Natural lake in the north-west of the Landes

the ponds and natural lakes of the north-west in the Landes

From Mimizan to Sanguinet via Biscarrosse – with very good populations of perch, pike and pike-perch

Hill reservoir in the East of the Landes

the hill reservoirs of the eastern Landes

From Gabarret to Hagetmau via Aire sur l’Adour or Grenada with pikeperch, perch and pike depending on the lakes

Adour river on the upstream sector in the Landes

the Adour river upstream sectors

From Aire sur l’Adour to Mugron via Grenada, Saint Sever – with a good presence of pikeperch, perch, catfish and, depending on the sector, pike or chub

Adour river in the downstream sector in the Landes

the Adour river downstream sectors

From Pontonx sur Adour to Urt – and the Gaves Réunis with a good presence of pikeperch including very large subjects of Saubusse and Peyrehorade at the limit of salt water (Urt)

La Midouze in the Landes

small rivers of the Landes

Le Luy, le Gabas, l’Onesse or even la Midouze with some populations of pike and perch alongside chub

Natural pond in the south of the Landes

the natural ponds of the south and southwest of the landes

From Tarnos to Léon via Seignosse and Soustons – with populations of perch, pike and a little pike perch following the lakes

no-kill fishing sites

These routes aim to protect populations in place everything by allowing fishing activity to continue . Designated species must be released immediately regardless of size. The corresponding sectors are indicated on site by buoys and / or signs.

Sign indicating a pike nokill site Sign announcing a black-bass nokill site

Fisherman on the no-kill pike course in mimizan

the current of Mimizan

No-kill pike

Mimizan AAPPMA

No-kill pike sites on the contis current

the current of Contis

No-kill pike


Capture of a black bass at Port Lily

Port / conche de Parentis – Lac de Parentis-Biscarrosse

No-kill black-bass

Parentis AAPPMA

Capture of a black bass on the lagoon of janille

Janille Lagoon

No-kill black-bass

Biscarrosse AAPPMA

Capture of a black bass at Port Lily

Port Lily – Parentis-Biscarrosse lake

No-kill black-bass

Biscarrosse AAPPMA

Black-bass no-kill course on the Soustons pond

Soustons pond

No-kill black-bass

Soustons AAPPMA

Black-bass no-kill course on the Aureilhan pond

Pond of Aureilhan

No-kill black-bass

Mimizan AAPPMA

Black-bass no-kill course on the Moliets pond

Pond of Moliets

No-kill black-bass


Black-bass no-kill course on the Laprade pond

Laprade pond

No-kill black-bass


Black-bass no-kill course on the Solferino pond

Pond of Solferino

No-kill black-bass

Gabarret AAPPMA

Black-bass no-kill course on the Armanon reservoir

Armanon detention

No-kill black-bass

Gabarret AAPPMA


Regarding navigation , a large majority of fishing sites are passable, whether by boat, float-tube or kayak.

boat launching ramps

In order to make fishing sites accessible to as many people as possible, you will find a set of developments carried out on the rivers and lakes in the Landes . The reception capacity offered by the various slipways varies according to the sectors and their configurations. Some holds are only suitable for light boats while others can accommodate large units . It is in this spirit that we have tried to classify these slipways from 1 to 3 stars depending on their ease of use / boat size.

Boat launching ramp

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