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fishing in the Landes rivers

The Landes department has no less than 4,500 km of watercourses, of which 1,000 km can be considered interesting from a fishing point of view .

We can distinguish 4 main types of environment with in the southern half of the department the hydrographic network of Adour and its multiple tributaries from Chalosse and Marsan. Shorter but no less rich, the network of Gaves (united and its tributaries) with its remarkable passages of migrating fish which regain the blue waters of the Pyrenees. On the Landes plateau, meanders the Leyres (large and small) or the Onesse and their countless tributaries. Last more atypical medium, the currents as we call them here: current of Mimizan, current of Soustons or the famous current of Huchet.

These streams are populated by species characteristic of running and fresh rivers on the hairy with minnow, gudgeon, lamprey, chub and the emblematic Aubourg (rostrate vandoise of its common name). As for the median and downstream parts, we find at their sides, barbel, bream, roach, eel and even plaice and mules in quantity for those unimpeded with the ocean. Predators are also very present with the new species discovered not long ago, the Aquitaine pike.

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