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trout fishing in the Landes

The Landes department has an important hydrographic network with over 6,600 km of waterways . It is also one of the main French producer departments in terms of salmon farming. There are small populations of wild brown trout having found favorable areas for reproduction. These sectors are unfortunately lacking in a very large majority of the department which remains predominantly cyprinicole (roach, pike, tench, perch, etc.).

Trout fisherman

the poisoned rivers

Angling for trout remains a highlight at the start of the season in the Landes. Local fishing associations provide a significant effort in order to best prepare for this first grand opening of the year. So stockings or restocking are carried out in anticipation of the start of the season and allow easy access peaches for more , with a network over the whole of the department.

There are 3 types of sites concerned by the stocking of trout in the Landes. The streams of 1 D category, streams of 2 e category and lakes of 2 e category.

Landes waterways of the first category

streams of 1 D category

These watercourses correspond to piscicultural environments with cooler, flowing waters allowing the reception of salmonids. They also refer to the possibilities of different practices at the start of the season thanks to specific regulations.

Fishing with lures or dead / live fish is permitted, for example, from the start of the season.

Waterways affected by trout stocking

Grande LeyreLittle LeyreEscource (upstream of the Saint-Paul-en-Born footbridge) – Onesse (upstream of the Saint Julien en Born fish farm) – Curlew (upstream of the Chicot bridge) – Vignac (upstream of the Lévignacq fish farm) – RimbezRetjons (from Gabardan) – StampTwelve (from Roquefort to Mont de Marsan) – GouaneyreEstrigon (downstream of the Brocas pond) – GelouxMagescq (upstream of the bridge located on the departmental road 50) – Palue (upstream of the RN 652) – Etang des Bruyères

Landes second category watercourse

streams of 2 e category

These environments are more generally populated by white fish and predators but in certain sectors (more common or narrow course) or in connection with the opening of trout, certain rivers in the Landes are directly affected by stocking.

Note that before the opening of the carnivore at the end of April, only fishing with natural bait and fly, dry or drowned, are authorized.

Waterways affected by trout stocking

GourgueMoulette / CaouéArreillet CanalNasseyCurrent of Ste Eulalie en BornEstrigon (upstream of the Brocas pond) – Curlew (downstream from the Chicot bridge) – Vignac (downstream of the Lévignacq fish farm) – Contis currentBezGeliseLudonMidouzeLudonLuzouLoutsGabasLowLuy from FranceLuy de BéarnArrigansPoustagnacPadescaux

the stocked lakes

Second category body of water

the lakes of 2 e category

For the opening of the trout and the following weeks, various bodies of water in the Landes are affected by rainbow trout releases . Well distributed over the department and easy to access, these ponds allow easy fishing for the start of the season.

The same regulations as the watercourses of 2 e category applies, namely fishing with natural bait until the opening of predator fishing at the end of April.

Bodies of water affected by trout stocking

Navarrosse holePond of the ForgesPond of the MoulinPond of the HougardePond of BaritPond of MoréPond of Ous PinsPond of LourquenGravel pits of the TortePond of BoulognePond of the GlacièreRenung retainerLaffitau gravel pitPond of the Tuilerie

Map of trout stockings
Map of the Landes department with places of trout stocking

no kill and fly fishing sectors

These course creations aim to protection of populations in place while allowing fishing activity to continue . The corresponding sectors are indicated on site by signs.

View of the curlew trout no-kill course

Curlew – Mézos stream

No-kill Brown Trout

St Julien en Born

View of the curlew trout no-kill course on the Onesse stream

Curlew – Ruisseau d’Onesse

No-kill Brown Trout


View of the fly fishing sector on the Petite Leyre in Pissos

Little Leyre

Fly fishing sector


View of the fly fishing sector on the Estampon in Roquefort


No-kill Trout


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